5 ways coconut oil makes a good travel hack

Every traveller appreciates a good travel hack so here is one from KajoMag. Save more space in your toiletries bag and carry a bottle of coconut oil. Here are five reasons why you should bring a coconut oil with you when travelling: 1. It moisturises your skin Most people like to use coconut

3 botanical gardens you should visit in Kuching if you love plants

Calling out all botanists and horticulturalists who are visiting Kuching city for the first time! Do not leave the city without visiting these botanical gardens: 1. DBKU Orchid Park While the hibiscus is Malaysia's official flower, Sarawak’s state flower is actually the Normah Orchid (Phalaenopsis bellina). So, having a whole garden dedicated solely to

Experience different sights, sounds and flavours at Kuching Intercultural Mooncake Festival

The Kuching Intercultural Mooncake Festival returned for its 17th installment this year to Carpenter Street, one of the oldest streets in the city. The event started from Sept 17 and will be ending on September 24 and runs from 6pm to 11pm. With the slogan “Sight, Sound and Taste”, the nightly event showcases

5 ingredients that go well with Sarawakian pounded cassava leaves

Sarawakians love our pounded cassava leaves. Only, we don't call them "cassava leaves". We call this bitter, fibrous plant by different names including daun ubi tumbuk, daun bandung tumbuk, uvek kele (in Kayan) and many more. There is no better way to prepare cassava leaves than to pound them. Traditionally, Sarawakians