5 upcoming South Korean movies you can watch in Malaysian cinemas (June-December 2018)

Over the years, Malaysian cinemas have featured more varieties of movies. On top of the usual Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil movies, we have begun to see more choices such as Thai, Indonesian, Japanese anime and South Korean movies premiering on our big screens. Thanks to the rise of Hallyu wave, Malaysians

What makes a good tourism board website?

Although some travellers prefer travel blogs and social media, tourism board websites still remain important resources for accurate information on travelling to a specific country. Most tourism board websites have evolved over the years, utilising social media platforms such as Instagram to promote their countries and give more insights on travelling

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Sense8

Warning: This article contains spoilers. When Sense8 was cancelled in 2017, fans all over the globe were devastated. Created by the Wachowski siblings, it was a great science fiction drama series for anybody to enjoy. Unfortunately, Netflix cancelled the third season citing not enough viewership for the high production cost (cheatsheet.com reported