Crocodile Effigies Part 2: The Ulung Buayeh Ceremony

Our story on Crocodile Effigies is a two-parter. To learn about the significance of crocodile effigies in the Iban mali umai ritual, click here: Crocodile Effigies Part 1: The Iban mali umai ritual Reptiles, from the smallest little cicak to the most fearsome Bujang Senang, have always provoked varying degrees of fear and awe. The crocodile,

6 gorgeous Hollywood filming locations you can visit in Southeast Asia

Have you planned out your 2018 travel destinations yet? If not, how about walking the paths of Hollywood stars by visiting beautiful filming locations in Southeast Asia? Here are the top six scenic Hollywood filming locations to visit in 2018: 1. Palawan, Philippines - The Bourne Legacy El Nido in Palawan served as one

Where to have coffee and croissants in Kuching?

Coffee and croissants are one of many perfect matches made in food heaven. The bitterness of coffee always goes well with a buttery, flaky croissant. A croissant is made by layering the dough with butter, rolled and folded several times, then rolled onto a sheet before being baked to perfection. It is a