A walk through history at Fort Sylvia, Kapit

If you happen to be cruising down Sarawak’s longest river, the Batang Rajang and find yourself in Kapit town, your stay would not be complete without a visit to Fort Sylvia. Built in 1880, Fort Sylvia is one of the most historical sites in Sarawak. It may be hard to visit

Nando’s is serving up Everyone’s Platter this Christmas

As merry as it may seem, half the struggle preparing a Christmas dinner is figuring out the best menu that would satisfy everyone. In the spirit of the Christmas season, Nando’s is gifting its diners with a new item on its menu, Everyone’s Platter. Being a true food lover, KajoMag was invited

10 non-spicy Korean dishes you must try

Korean food is known for its spiciness but there are non-spicy dishes which are equally delicious. If you feel like eating Korean cuisine but could not handle the heat, try these dishes instead. 1. Jajangmyeon The main component of this Korean noodle dish is its sauce, made of chunjang or black bean sauce,

5 tips to secure your social media accounts

Whether you use your social media accounts for business or to connect with friends and family, getting your account hacked is a painful invasion. From vacation photos to personal conversations or check-ins to places you visited, social networks know everything about us. Keeping intruders out is difficult and confusing, so