Relish in authentic Korean food at The Kimbap, Kuching

Kimbap is a famous Korean delicacy made from rice, various thinly sliced ingredients like fried egg, sausages, cucumber and carrot rolled up in a sheet of seaweed. The word 'kimbap' literally means seaweed rice as ‘kim’ or ‘gim’ means seaweed while ‘bap' cooked rice. Here in Kuching, thousands of miles from where kimbap originated, is

International Bornean Frog Race: An ecotourism gem

Other than the iconic species like orangutan and rafflesia, the potential of other wildlife species for ecotourism development in Sarawak can and should be further explored. Sarawak Forestry Corporation’s (SFC) Chief Executive Officer, Wong Ting Chung said this at the opening of the 6th International Bornean Frog Race at Gunung Gading National Park

The Kajo guide on what to eat in Kuching

When it comes to food, Kuchingites can get pretty opinionated about what's good to eat and where as we pride ourselves on having the best food around. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner of even snacking in between meals, everybody has their own preferences. For first-timers here in the Cat City, here

This is how a resume should look like in 2017

Writing a modern résumé may be seen as a challenge for most, especially for those who are not proficient in creating professional documents. In order to solve these problems, Novorésumé - a young Danish company that aims make résumé writing a fun activity, has conducted a research with HR experts and