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How to travel ethically in Thailand

Ethical travel in Thailand requires a little bit of extra effort and awareness but it's not impossible. It'll make you feel better about the impact you have on another country and who knows, you might

What to do at Santubong, Sarawak?

Santubong Peninsula, with its rich history and great landscape is only a 35-minute drive from Kuching. Behind its mountain peaks lies an age-old legend of jealousy and rage between Princess Santubong and her sister Sejinjang. Hailing

48 hours in Wellington with Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard's ideal 48 hours in Wellington, New Zealand. For a capital city, Wellington New Zealand has scored some amazing cred from Lonely Planet’s ‘coolest little capital’ to Deutsche Bank’s ‘best place to live in

agoda presents best year-end vacations in Kuala Lumpur

agoda presents Kuala Lumpur's top properties for the ultimate vacation close to home. With the year-end quickly approaching, many Malaysians are eagerly counting down the days for the much-anticipated getaways they’ve had planned for months. But

Marudi: Small town, big cultural heart

Overlooking the Baram River, Marudi may not have much entertainment or conveniences to offer in the way a big city might, but it has its small-town charms that make for a pleasant visit. The quiet

Touring Thailand’s Phi Phi Islands

Thanks to its majestic limestone mountains, rocks and pristine white sandy beaches, it is impossible to take a bad photo at Phi Phi Islands. Located between Phuket and the west of the Strait of Malacca,