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Legends and nature of Fairy Cave Bau

Fairy Caves is one of the main attractions in the Bau area located about 40km from Kuching city. The cave was named after a stalagmite structure which is said to resemble a Chinese deity. The site covers

Marudi, when it was called Claudetown

Marudi is a quiet town in Sarawak famous for its kueytiaw noodles. But did you know this town was once called Claudetown (sometimes spelled as Claude Town) not Marudi? It was named Claudetown after Claude Champion

How Lubok Antu got its name

Lubok Antu is a small district located in Sri Aman division of Sarawak. The history of its bazaar dates back to 1872. Back then the bazaar was made of double-storey wooden shophouses, a market and