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Most popular destinations for Romanians

According to, the travel tendencies of Romanian citizens for this year are dominated by the familiar European, African and Asian destinations.

Romanians have begun choosing domestic air transportation over train or car, as last year intern flights have increased by 664 per cent, according to data registered by the country’s main airports in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara and Iasi. This was possible thanks to the low cost carriers’ offers in 2016.

“The interest toward domestic tourism grew significantly in 2016. One of the main factors which have contributed to that tendency is the penetration of low cost operators in domestic routes, with flight offers at prices lower than implicit expenses of a trip by common or personal transport means,” Marketing Responsible at Momondo Romania Mircea Giurca explained.

On the other hand, Greece considerably grew in the polls, as Romanian mainly chose this destination to spend their holidays. A 202 per cent increase in searches was registered last year. The result can be a consequence of the political stability when compared to the previous year, as well as a consistent decrease in prices. From all the Greek destinations, the Romanians have preferred the city of Athens as the most popular holiday city.

Second in their preferences was Cyprus, with a 105 per cent increase in the searches in 2016. “A determining factor can be instability in Turkey, which caused the reorientation of demand toward Cyprus,” further commented Momondo’s representative.

Croatia closed the list of the top destinations chose by Romanians, with a 152 per cent increase in searches. Tourism analysts believe that this happened due to the fact that Dubrovnik became the new alternative to Bulgarian beaches.

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Similarly, Portugal and Italy were also favorites, with 90 and 70 per cent increase respectively when compared to 2015. Source: