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Heathrow Airport hits record passenger numbers in January

The airport in UK has registered 5.74 million passengers in the first month of this year, accounting for a 4.2 per cent when compared to January 2016.

Moreover, for the same period of time, HA has as well faced a 4.4 per cent increase in cargo volumes. The figures registered in the last months are considered to be accurate indicators of the UK economy, as the country is continuously adapting to Brexit.

If considering the last six years, December and January have been the best months in terms of number of passengers transiting the hub near London. With a 4.4 per cent growth in December and a 4.2 per cent growth in January, the increase growth more than doubled when taking into account the figures registered in the first half of last year.

“With record passenger numbers and cargo growth in January, Heathrow continues to serve the UK. We are getting on with our expansion programme, so that we can create the new routes that will deliver the Prime Minister’s vision of a global Britain, as quickly as possible. The launch of the government’s National Policy Statement consultation is a key milestone and we look forward to working with our local communities, airlines and the government to ensure Heathrow expansion is affordable, sustainable and benefits all of Britain,” declared John Holland-Kaye, the airport’s CE.

More than that, since the Brexit vote, passenger numbers traveling outside the EU have also doubled, despite less economic growth of EU markets. Source: