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Enfiniti launches Olabola The Musical

[L-R] Engku Emran (Enfiniti), Raja Jastina (Astro), Saiful Ridzuan a.k.a. Duan (Music Director for OlaBola The Musical), Rajah Malek (Set Designer of OlaBola The Musical), Tiara Jacquelina (Founder of Enfiniti & D

Enfiniti, the leading entertainment company in Malaysia announced its latest production of OlaBola The Musical. Directed by award winning producer and performing arts advocate Tiara Jacquelina, the musical will be staged at Istana Budaya from February 22 until March 22, 2018.

OlaBola The Musical is Enfiniti’s latest original production following the success of Puteri Gunung Ledang, P.Ramlee The Musical and MUD: The Story of Kuala Lumpur. As champions of telling Asian stories to the world, Enfiniti is constantly pushing boundaries with its innovative, world-class productions. This musical will mark a key milestone for Enfiniti as its founder Tiara Jacquelina makes her debut as the Director of this highly anticipated production.

“Kudos to Chiu Keng Guan who brought this beautifully crafted story to life and thoughtfully reenacted how the nation rallied and united behind the Harimau Malaya team. Having been so inspired by the film, I saw an opportunity to bring OlaBola to a live stage setting for our nation to relive and re-experience this inspirational Malaysian story. This is just one of those stories that should be shared again and again to continuously inspire new audiences and the nation at large. A big thank you to our partners Astro Shaw, Golden Screen Cinemas and Multimedia Entertainment for entrusting Enfiniti to adapt OlaBola on stage,” says Tiara Jacquelina, founder of Enfiniti and Director of OlaBola The Musical.

This groundbreaking musical will be the first production to be staged at the newly renovated Istana Budaya come February 2018.

Enfiniti will be working with acclaimed music director Saiful Ridzuan a.k.a. Duan of Seven Collared T-Shirt and award winning set designer Raja Malek, joining a power-packed production and creative team slated for reveal over the coming months.

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Tiara continues to share more on the inspiration behind OlaBola The Musical, “Watching OlaBola in the cinema evoked emotions and carried a strong message that I felt needed to be experienced “live”. The vision we have for this production will truly immerse the audience like never before, which I believe will rally the nation to unite once again for OlaBola. One of our biggest challenges is to re-create and translate the full setting of a stadium of 50,000 people from the film onto the stage, transporting the audience to an exhilarating atmosphere of a big football game. I really wanted this musical to be presented in the voice and sounds of today that is fresh and different from anything else we’ve produced in the past, with that sparked the idea of a first-time collaboration by two award winning talents in their fields – composer and lyricist Mia Palencia and rapper-lyricist Altimet. This transition into directing is long overdue for me but it feels like a natural progression after many years in this industry as an actress and producer. With the help of my production team, I look forward to taking on this challenging and exciting new task.”

Astro is the Official Media Partner of OlaBola The Musical. The IP was licensed by the Executive Producers of Ola Bola, Astro Shaw, Golden Screen Cinemas and Multimedia Entertainment for the musical adaptation of OlaBola.

Released in January 2016, OlaBola earned approximately RM16.5 million in box office sales, securing its place as the No.1 movie in the hearts of Malaysians. The film was inspired by the glories of the Malaysian national football team that successfully qualified for the 1980 Summer Olympics.

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With running themes of dedication, perseverance and grit, the film portrayed Malaysia back in the 1980s during a time where the nation was finding its identity post-independence and uncovering its potential.

The box office hit successfully spurred the nation with national pride and an appreciation for true inter-racial friendships between the Harimau Malaya team and yesteryear of Malaysia.

Early Bird access for OlaBola The Musical will be available at a special price of RM120 for tickets valued between RM250 – RM300.

This promotion will run for 3 months starting from May 25, 2017.

For more information and ticketing details, visit the website at