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THE KINGS: A Love Story With No Labels

TLC Southeast Asia Commissions Full Season Ahead Of #TLCTheKings Premiere

We all know the story of boy meets girl. They fall in love and live happily ever after. The truth is, life, and more importantly, love, is more complicated than that. Few embody this as well as Angie and Joey Mead King.

As one of the most progressive couples in Asia, they have taken the bold step to tell their story on screen for the first time ever, on TLC. Catch their debut television appearance on THE KINGS, premiering on Thursday, June 22 at 9.05pm on TLC Southeast Asia’s Facebook page globally, followed by a Facebook Live Q&A session with the Kings.

Join us on an intimate and inspirational journey into the life of businessman, car connoisseur, and transgender woman Angie Mead King. Previously known as Ian Angelo King, Angie also owns Victoria Court, a popular hotel chain in Manila. Angie’s wife, Joey Mead King, is an established international model turned TV host, who has in turn, mentored many young aspiring models to achieve their dreams.

Believed to be the perfect pin-up couple who seemingly had it all, Angie took the Philippines by storm when news first broke on social media, unveiling one of the most unconventional love stories of the modern world. While both Angie and Joey are still madly in love with each other, they are seeking new ways to adapt to this new reality they have now found themselves in.

In this groundbreaking debut of THE KINGS, TLC delves into the inner workings of a marriage between a transgender woman and her celebrity spouse in the public eye, told candidly in their own words.

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“We are very honoured and fortunate to have been given this rare opportunity to share this unique story with with the rest of the world, live, as part of our partnership with Facebook,” said Rohit Tharani, Director of Content Curation, Discovery Southeast Asia.

“With THE KINGS, TLC Southeast Asia has gone out of its way to break new ground, every conceivable genre and there are no boundaries or labels with this series. With the full season pick-up commissioned ahead of the pilot premiere, we are showing our commitment to continue taking risks, and be experimental with the content we are creating.”

Tune in to THE KINGS, a love story like no other, on Thursday, 22 June at the following timings:
9.05pm on TLC Southeast Asia’s Facebook page, followed by a Facebook Live Q&A session with the Kings.