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The first African social travel app is up and running

Developed by Business Travel Management Limited, the social travel app named TrekBuyFly is finally live. As a response to the Nigerian and overall African market request to be able to find more financially accessible trips,

Solar power to be used for space tourism

The Switzerland-based company SolarStratos has announced its plans to build an aircraft powered by solar energy to take tourists into the stratosphere. The 28 foot-long plane project aims to fully power the aircraft with solar

New Technique Quickly Predicts Salt Marsh Vulnerability

If coastal salt marshes are like savings accounts, with sediment as the principal, all eight Atlantic and Pacific coast salt marshes studied are "in the red," researchers found. Scientists working on a rapid assessment technique for determining which US

Most popular destinations for Romanians

According to, the travel tendencies of Romanian citizens for this year are dominated by the familiar European, African and Asian destinations. Romanians have begun choosing domestic air transportation over train or car, as last